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Antenna Calibration

Trust the system. Gain confidence in your antenna.

Antennas are an essential piece of equipment to connect technology. Any issues with its performance could compromise the safety and functionality of a product – it is crucial that your antenna’s calibration is thoroughly tested before it is approved for use.

HCT Calibration has provided calibration services for over twenty years and delivers traceable results that meet strict compliancy standards. Our antenna calibration services data will pinpoint electrical flaws and uncover critical performance insights.

HCT Calibration provides flexible, on-demand capacity to meet high volumes of antenna calibrations for quality, accuracy, and integrity.  

Types of Calibration Offered At HCT

  • ANSI C63.5:2017 + CORR 1:2019 4.4.2/Annex I Traditional NSA
  • ANSI C63.4 - 2014 Annex N Test site-specific hybrid antenna qualification procedures
  • ANSI C63.5:2017 + CORR 1:2019 5.1.2 SSM 30-1000MHz
  • CISPR 16 Clause 8.4 SSM 30MHz-1 GHz 3M / 10M, 1-40 GHz 3M
  • CISPR 16 Clause TAM 1-18GHz 3M, Horizontal and Vertical
  • CISPR 16-1-6 Clause 6.3, functional checks
    • VSWR
    • Return Loss
    • Impedance
    • Balance Check
  • SAE ARP 958 2003 Clause 4 Identical method
  • SAE ARP 958 2003 Appendix C 3 antenna method

Why Work with HCT Calibration?

HCT Calibration has demonstrated its proficiency with calibration testing for over 20 years. Our approach to calibration is backed by a commitment to transparency and exceptional service - every step of the way.


HCT meets the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) 17025 Scope of Accreditation - the highest standards for calibration certification. Our company has completed the accreditation program required by the ISO to ensure our calibration facilities meet necessary standards.

By partnering with a calibration facility that meets ISO 17025 Accreditation standards, you receive accurate results every time. Our calibration facility equipment is precise and our program is extremely thorough to guarantee an excellent standard of service.

Categories of Calibration
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Fast Turnaround Time

Since we only use top-of-the-line equipment in our calibration facilities, you will receive accurate reports in a short amount of time. HCT Calibration is committed to carrying out projects quickly, with a standard turnaround of two to four days.

Our team is incredibly responsive throughout the calibration process. You can view the status of each order through our online portal to schedule delivery, pickup, and alerts at any time.

Versatile Expertise

HCT Calibration has vast expertise in electrical, and environmental aspects of antenna calibration. Our company has provided solutions to clients in numerous industries over the past two decades.

To meet the standards set for ISO 17025 Accreditation, we’ve proven our technical expertise and testing integrity. Our team is comprised of the leading experts in the industry to deliver exceptional insights to our data findings.

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Does this Sound Familiar?

Understanding antenna calibration standards is a constant challenge.
You don’t have proper calibration capacity and/or facilities.
The complexity of calibration is increasing.
You lack technical resources to stay compliant.

Why Do You Need Antenna Calibration?

Antenna calibration verifies the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) of products. Specific instruments are used to measure radiated emissions and ensure compliance, capability, and accuracy.

There are set regulatory requirements for each country that any product (including radar and antenna technology) must meet. Antenna calibration must be conducted by a facility that meets compliancy standards to preserve the traceability and accuracy of results.

An antenna’s performance will decline over time due to electrical and physical flaws. Periodic calibration is required to stay compliant. Repeated calibration ensures optimal performance by identifying electrical issues and comparing results from previous tests.  

Antenna calibration will keep the technology operating properly and safely. Issues with the accuracy of emissions could have dire consequences if it interferes with other electromagnetic equipment. Calibration ensures these interferences are avoided to support optimal performance.

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Your System is Only as Good as Your Antenna

Antennas are essential for connection, performance, and communication. Any malfunctions in their accuracy will impact the performance of the system over all – so it is crucial that the antennas are properly calibrated.

Start Conversation with HCT Calibration Support

To learn more about HCT Calibration’s services and calibration processes, please contact our team directly to learn more. Simply fill out our contact form to get started or give us a call at 669-263-6500.

HCT Calibration is located in San Jose, CA and offers on-site calibration for local clients under some circumstances. Ask our technicians about this option if you are located in the San Jose, CA area.